LilyHood Handmade Embroidery Wool Tote Bags


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  • Type: Tote bag/ handbag/ top-handle bag
  • Style: Vintage
  • Material: Wool
  • Interior pocket: Zipper pocket, smartphone pocket
  • Exterior pocket: No
  • Decoration: Embroidery
  • Color: Dark blue
  • Occasion: Formal, leisure, versatile
  • Suitable For: Women (Mothers)
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This LilyHood Tote Bag is a perfect gift item for mothers. For a shopping bag, it is definitely elegant and finely made. This bag has a large space and item-safe interiors. You can put the water and milk bottles of your kids. Even baby diapers can be conveniently stored here.

Despite the function-driven construction of this tote bag, it is still undeniable that it is still fashionable and classy. It can be paired with formal and casual dresses without looking awkward. You can even use it for business and corporate meetings. Whenever you are in the malls or parks, the bag can certainly catch the attention of anyone.

This tote bag from LilyHood is crafted from a fine selection of materials. The wooden handle is made from an authentic hardwood and has been polished so that it can be comfortable to the hands. It is notable that the handle is large, which is somehow a necessary feature for large bags. The entire bag has been tailored from a top-tier material, too.

LilyHood Handmade Embroidery Wool Tote Bags

As it is shown, this tote bag has the size and style that can accommodate the needs of every woman on the go.

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